Does New Driveway Increase Home Value?

driveway installation

What is the Cheapest Type of Driveway?

Driveway Installation is an important consideration for a homeowner who is troubled by the functionality of their current driveway. In addition, it is important to consider which driveway installation will fit within a homeowner’s budget. Among common driveway materials, aggregate driveways tend to be the most affordable. Pound for pound, these driveways can be more affordable than asphalt, stone, or concrete driveways.

Does New Driveway Increase Home Value?

Home improvements can dramatically increase the value of the home. A house is more sellable if it has a garage if the roof is new, and if the exterior of the home is impeccable. This value-driven mindset extends to the driveway. According to recent estimates, adding a driveway to a property can add up to ten percent to the total value of the home.

Can I Asphalt My Own Driveway?

Are you considering a DIY driveway installation? If so, please be advised that not only does it take heavy machinery, it also takes skill and many safety measures. Most homeowners do not have the necessary equipment to conduct a well-planned driveway installation. Nonetheless, homeowners should be acquainted with how driveways are installed so that when they do hire contractors, their contractor of choice will follow the proper procedures. First, the original driveway must be removed completely. It is always best to start off with a blank slate. Next, the driveway slope will need to be graded. The water on the driveway must run off to the sides or the bottom. After all suitable measurements and applications have been broached, the base soil must be compacted. The base soil should be covered with crushed rock. The crushed rock will need to be packed into the subsoil. The base will need to settle for approximately one week. The asphalt size and thickness will next need to be determined. An appropriate paving contractor will be able to complete all these steps and more. Please be sure to select an insured resource for your driveway installation needs.

Is 2 Inches of Asphalt Enough for a Driveway?

If you have a driveway that going to be utilized for regular cars and bikes, then two inches of asphalt should be thick enough for these needs. For resurfacing, two inches is also appropriate. However, if homeowners are seeking a stone surface and need a strong base, the best approach is to layer up the asphalt one inch thicker, for a total thickness of three inches.

What is the Best Base for a Driveway?

There are a number of different bases to choose from, in terms of a driveway installation. Please review the following bullet-pointed list to find out more.

  • Gravel. Gravel is graded by size and most driveways use about three different types of gravel. 
  • Crushed stone
  • Quarry processed stone.
  • Pea gravel.
  • Jersey shore gravel.

There are many different bases for driveways. The most important resource for any homeowner is a professional resource. Please be sure to go over your options with a professional gravel company.

How to Paver Driveway Installation

Paver driveways are considered a more environmentally friendly driveway installation than asphalt or concrete. This is because pavers can minimize the runoff that pollutes local waterways. This is considered a very hard project, which is why homeowners are advised to steer clear of this particular DIY project.

Driveway Installation How To

Installing an asphalt driveway is a job that should only be left to the professionals. If a general contractor promises to install a driveway cheaply and demanded money upfront, please do not waste your money. A good paving company will bill the homeowner after the work is finished. For a proper driveway installation, the subgrade of the driveway will need to be prepped. The better the subgrade preparation, the better the driveway. Next, the grading will need to be perfect. Imperfect jobs are noted because pooling will occur in areas that have not been graded properly.

Driveway Installation

There are many different types of driveways to consider. For instance, gravel driveways have many advantages because they are more porous than asphalt, concrete or solid stone. That means there will be less runoff and less ponding. They are also quite affordable and are low maintenance.

driveway installation

Driveway Installation Companies Near Me

If you are searching for a driveway installation company near you, you can easily use your smart device to conduct a simple internet search. Type in your location and your search term. That will pull up a list of companies that are near you. Please be sure to select the company with the best credentials, to ensure that you are getting the best driveway installation.

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