Asphalt Resurfacing Service

Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt Resurfacing Can Leave an Attractive, Safe, and Stable Parking Lot.

The many positive traits of asphalt have made it a highly popular material for paving. Flexible, easy to install, and affordable, asphalt provides a durable answer that can withstand heavy traffic for many years. No paving material lasts forever, though. At some point, after years of traffic, rain, hail, and ice, parking lots and driveways will need asphalt resurfacing. Thankfully, the expert crew at ATX Asphalt Paving provides a local option for excellent service with this procedure.

Though wholly necessary, asphalt resurfacing can inspire anxiety and worry over expense and the disruption of everyday business. Consider, however, that an asphalt surface in broad disrepair will damage vehicles and endanger pedestrians. At ATX Asphalt Paving, we will always strive to stay within your budget and minimize the disturbance of our work. We represent the smart choice for asphalt resurfacing in Austin, TX, so give us a call today at 512-646-6069.

Signs You Need Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt Resurfacing

Resurfacing Provides an Answer for Widespread Damage on Asphalt Lots or Driveways.

Anyone who owns an asphalt installation should learn to recognize the major signs of disrepair. Though fairly obvious, issues like cracks and potholes often get shelved against more pressing concerns. A deteriorated parking lot or driveway will only worsen, however, and create more of a problem over time. Pay attention for the following signals, and schedule your resurfacing right away.

Cracks: These present an obvious sign that your paving is in trouble. Cracks can form due to various factors, including stress from temperature fluctuations, traffic, and moisture. Water and car fluids will both soak into your asphalt and cause it to weaken. While individual cracks can benefit from asphalt crack repair, widespread cracking is a signal that you need to resurface.

Potholes: Potholes generally form from cracks that never received proper repair. The cracks allow for the entry of moisture, which breaks down your asphalt and widens the crack. Traffic can also contribute to the deterioration of these damaged areas, which will eventually become full-fledged potholes. Potholes can damage vehicles and harm unwary pedestrians. Asphalt patching can repair isolated potholes, but a paved area pockmarked with holes needs resurfacing.

Standing Water: Standing pools of water signify grading issues with your pavement. A properly paved surface is graded to allow for the runoff of water. Pools will appear as degradation alters the slope of your asphalt. If left alone, standing water will deteriorate the surrounding asphalt and seep into cracks. If water freezes within the asphalt itself, it will expand to create significant damage. Asphalt resurfacing represents a prime solution for issues of standing water.

Don’t Delay Your Service

The longer you delay your asphalt resurfacing, the more hazardous your paved area will become. At ATX Asphalt Paving, we provide for fast, thorough, and professional asphalt resurfacing in Austin, TX. To learn more, schedule a consultation, or request service, call us today at 512-646-6069.