Asphalt Contractors in Austin, TX

ATX Paving

ATX Paving Provides a Full Range of Services for Asphalt and Other Paving Materials.

At ATX Paving in Austin, TX, we’ve accumulated over 25 years of experience serving our community’s paving needs. As experts with gravel driveway installation and asphalt repair, we do the work you need to improve your structure’s accessibility. Damaged or old driveways, parking lots, or other paved areas only serve to harm vehicles, endanger pedestrians, and reduce the value and appearance of your property. The next time you need help give us a call at 512-646-6069. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have, and can additionally schedule a time for service.

Quality Service from Local Contractors

We are a locally owned and operated, family business that has grown through hard work and commitment to its clientele. When we take on a paving job, we never consider it finished until we’ve served to amaze the client. The next time you need service across any of the following areas, make sure to give us a call.

Tar and Chip Seal: This practice can either restore an old driveway, or create a wholly new driveway atop a gravel substrate.

Hot Rubber Crack Repair: If left to worsen, cracks can result in major damage to your paving. Hot rubber crack repair stops the danger permanently.

Asphalt Repair: We offer a range of services for the repair of asphalt, including resurfacing, seal coatings, and much  more.

We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our work, and want to give you paving that will inspire pride. If you need service on an existing installation, we’re also your local source for comprehensive, time-tested repairs. Give us a call today at 512-646-6069 if you’d like to learn more about ATX Paving in Austin, TX. We’re also always happy to schedule consultations or times for service.