Decomposed Granite Driveway Services

Decomposed Granite Driveway

A Decomposed Granite Driveway Combines Beauty and Economy.

A decomposed granite driveway represents an excellent choice for a home. This material not only provides unbeatable value, but also comes in a wide array of composition and color choices. While similar to gravel, crushed granite is a generally finer and more stable material. In fact, some varieties of decomposed granite are so fine, they resemble sand. For a full array of services with decomposed granite, trust the local experts at ATX Asphalt Paving.

If you want a rustic appearance for your home, you can’t beat decomposed granite. As a paving material, granite also comes in a wide array of colors dependent on its source quarry. Black and gray are common, but you can also find red and, on occasion, green decomposed granite. Color aside, this material comes with a host of additional benefits. For a decomposed granite driveway in Austin, TX, call us today at 512-646-6069.

Benefits of a Decomposed Granite Driveway

Decomposed Granite Driveway

Granite Driveways Can Complement the Appearance of a Wide Range of Structures.

Appearance: Granite has always been recognized for its aesthetic value, which persists even with crushed or decomposed granite. A homeowner can choose hues that accentuate either exterior elements of the home, or landscaping around the driveway. Regardless of the color you choose, your decomposed granite driveway will inspire appreciation and increase the value of your home.

Durability: A tough, reliable granite driveway will last for many years. Years of foot and vehicular traffic will do little to wear down your driveway or affect its appearance. Crushed granite also maintain its color through years of sunshine, and will not shift or crack from severe weather or cold.

Price: The prevalence of decomposed or crushed granite makes it a highly affordable driveway material. Once rendered from larger components, your decomposed granite requires no additional formulation, and is ready to install. This simple manufacturing process reduces the material’s cost, and allows you to have a beautiful driveway at an attractive price.

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If you’ve settled on a decomposed granite driveway in Austin, TX, the team at ATX Asphalt Paving represents your expert source. In addition to installs, we also provide regular maintenance and repair services. To learn more about the benefits of a granite driveway, or to schedule service with our team, call 512-646-6069 today.