Tar and Chip Driveway Seal in Austin, TX

Tar and Chip Driveway

A Tar and Chip Driveway Works Wonders as a Seal or New Driveway Application.

An adaptable tar and chip seal from ATX Asphalt Paving can serve as your multi-purpose driveway solution. Tar and chip seals provide excellent service for the repair of compromised driveways. As a new installation entirely unto itself, a tar and chip driveway offers premier durability and ease of maintenance. Regardless of the tar and chip service you need, we're your local expert source.

To install a tar and chip driveway, we first apply a hot mixture of liquid asphalt cement. This layer can apply directly to an older driveway, or to a gravel base for a brand-new installation. From there, we apply one or more layers of crushed stone, and compact them down for superior results. Once the asphalt cement dries, you have a long-term, highly durable solution for your driveway. If you have any questions about the installation of a tar and chip driveway in Austin, TX, don’t hesitate to call us at 512-646-6069.

Benefits of a Tar and Chip Driveway Seal

Tar and Chip Driveway

Our Team Does Superb Installs of Tar and Chip Paving.

As a premier solution for both repairs and new installations, tar and chip driveways come with a host of benefits. When the time comes to consider different paving materials, keep the following in mind.

Low Cost: Though not the least expensive option, tar and chip driveways cost less than asphalt. When you consider the integrity and strength of this application, the lower cost seems like bargain.

Visual Appeal: The use of natural stone as the uppermost layer makes tar and chip driveways highly attractive. Both rustic and elegant, these driveways pair nicely with practically any home exterior.

Low Maintenance: Tar and chip driveways require very little maintenance and almost no repairs. If cracks do appear, the asphalt sub-layer will melt to fill them in during hot weather. As the topmost stones resettle around the sealed crack, it will leave virtually no trace of damage.

Plenty of Traction: The rough surface of a tar and chip driveway makes it an excellent surface for vehicles. Tires can easily grip the gravel surface, which helps in the event of heavy rain or ice.

Long Life: Tar and chip driveway provide excellent service value over a long life. After 10 years of traffic and exposure to the elements, all you’ll need to do is resurface the material to ensure its continued function.

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If the many advantages of tar and drip driveway have piqued your interest, give us a call today at 512-646-6069. We’ll gladly answer any questions you might have, and can discuss your driveway needs and goals. For a tar and chip driveway in Austin, TX, ATX Asphalt Paving is your local expert.