Asphalt Patching Service

Asphalt Patch

An Asphalt Patch Provides a Permanent Solution to Potholes and Other Paving Damages.

Asphalt patching represents a simple, straightforward, and expedient solution for potholes. If you allow a pothole to persist, then it will threaten to damage every vehicle that enters or leaves your property. Potholes also represent a safety concern, as they can easily cause someone to trip or twist an ankle. At ATX Asphalt Paving, we can provide quality service for your next asphalt patch.

The repair of a pothole additionally serves as an instant face-lift for your property. Potholes in a parking lot or driveway can make a property appear dilapidated. Luckily, asphalt patching provides an economical solution that does not require complete repaving. If you need an asphalt patch in Austin, TX, call 512-646-6069 for the team at ATX Asphalt Paving.

When to Get an Asphalt Patch

Asphalt Patch

Potholes Worsen Over Time and Threaten Both Vehicles and Pedestrians.

A pothole in a driveway can drastically lower your home’s curb appeal. If you own business whose parking lot has potholes, you risk negative first impressions from visitors, customers, or clients. Regardless of the location, all potholes will steadily worsen through bad weather and the impact of car tires. Instead of a complete repaving, consider the use of targeted asphalt patches. This solution comes in both cold and hot varieties.

Cold Patch: We generally recommend the application of a cold patch for smaller, non-commercial jobs. A cold asphalt patch consists of asphalt and a bonding polymer for a permanent solution. Cold patches do not require special equipment, and our team can generally apply them quite quickly. To ensure quality application, we will fully clean out the pothole of debris and plants, and make any necessary repairs to the concrete’s foundation.

Hot Patch: Most often used for commercial applications, hot patches consist of sand, gravel, tar, and bitumen. The material is made very hot right before application, and requires an experienced team to employ. Traditionally, hot patches are thought of as a more durable solution than cold patches. Because of this, they work well for commercial areas that see heavy traffic.

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We represent your local experts for an asphalt patch in Austin, TX. Do not let potholes persist, as they will steadily enlarge and create a hazardous environment for vehicles and pedestrians alike. To learn more about asphalt patches or any of our asphalt services, give us a call today at 512-646-6069.