Asphalt Crack Repairs

Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt Repair Fixes Unsightly Cracks and Protects Your Asphalt from Further Damage.

Asphalt cracks can greatly reduce the visual appeal of your property. Aesthetics aside, cracks can threaten the very foundation of your driveway or parking lot, and make the entire system unstable. As water enters the cracks, it will seep down to threaten your paving’s base layers. Areas with weakened base layers become more vulnerable to potholes, which will develop as a consequence of untreated cracks. At ATX Asphalt Paving, we provide a local, rapid solution for asphalt crack repair.

Thankfully, we can provide a fast and effective solution to asphalt cracks. After we thoroughly wash and clean the area of the crack, we apply a hot patch that melds with the surrounding paving for a permanent bond. Once the patch dries, you no longer have to worry about the unsightly or damaging aspects of asphalt cracks. To learn more or schedule service for asphalt crack repair in Austin, TX, simply give us a call at 512-646-6069.

Time for Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt Crack Repair

Before We Repair a Crack, We Thoroughly Remove Any Debris or Plants.

After we sweep and clean your asphalt surface, we heat our patch materials to a level hot enough to form permanent cohesion with the cracked asphalt. After it dries, you can have a seal coating applied for further protection that will prevent the formation of future cracks. Generally speaking, our asphalt repair services provide the following benefits.

Watertight Protection: Our crack repair materials form a watertight bond with your asphalt. This prevents water from entering the repaired area and damaging your asphalt’s foundation.

Heat Seal: The seal created through our hot application process ensures a permanent bond with the crack’s sides. Once we fix a crack, you never have to worry about it again.

Flexibility: Our patch material is highly elastic, and will expand and contract with changing temperatures, This helps prevent a return of the crack, and contributes a great deal to the longevity of our repairs.

Fast, Reliable Service

The expert team at ATX Asphalt Paving is readily available for all of your asphalt repair needs. We work to provide quality, long-term solutions to your damaged asphalt. If you have unsightly or worrisome cracks in your driveway or parking lot, give us a call at 512-646-6069. For any needs with asphalt crack repair in Austin, TX, we’re your solution.