How to Lay a Granite Driveway

A granite driveway is great for areas with low-average rainfall.

Have You Considered a Granite Driveway?

Probably not, but granite driveways not only are they an aesthetically pleasing option, but they are also a great investment. You can easily find a crushed granite driveway how to video on YouTube, but if you want quality service and products, then hiring an expert group is the way to go. ATX Paving in Austin, TX are the people that you want helping you create the home you want.

What is a granite driveway or pathway?

Granite driveways are quite different from the typical concrete or asphalt driveway. Typically, you’ll find granite driveways made of something called decomposed granite, also known as granite driveway chippings. This is just granite that has been crushed down into small, gravel like pieces. Decomposed gravel, or DG, is used for a variety of landscaping and paving purposes.

  • Loose DG, used in garden bedding will be the cheapest up front, but because it is more susceptible to erosion, it can cost more later on to maintain. Loose DG is great for drainage, which is why homeowners like to use it in gardens.
  • Decomposed granite mixed with a stabilizer, used for pathways and gardens, is a little more expensive up front. Unlike DG that is completely loose, stabilized DG will have a base of compact decomposed granite with a layer of loose DG on top. This allows for a certain amount of drainage without the decomposed granite becoming murky and muddy.
  • Decomposed granite mixed with a resin is most commonly used for driveways. It will be the most expensive up front. DG mixed with a resin is much more durable than DG loose or mixed with a stabilizer. This mixture, once paved, does commonly resemble an asphalt driveway. It resists erosion as well as cracking and breaking, like asphalt does over time.

Whether as a pathway or a driveway, choosing decomposed granite has many great benefits.  

Granite driveways offer an aesthetic appeal while also being low maintenance and durable.

Benefits of a Granite Driveway

  • Paved or with a stabilizer, there is minimal erosion
  • Incredibly permeable preventing flooding and muddiness
  • Durable
  • Cost friendly
  • Variety of colors makes this a very customizable option

Regardless of the aesthetic appeal, there are still a number of factors to consider when deciding on granite for driveways. If there are heavy rains in your area, then choosing loose DG or even DG with a stabilizer might not be the best option. While both are great for drainage, they are still susceptible to erosion and eventually with excessive rains, flooding. These are all things to discuss with a representative at ATX Paving in Austin, TX.

Our Process

If you have decided on a granite for your driveway, the next step is installation and that is where ATX Paving comes in. We have experienced pavers that can come in to quickly and efficiently install your new driveway.

What we will do is consult with you about the placement, type and color of the driveway. From there, we will mix everything and create the pathway the correct width and about 4-6 inches deep. For a driveway, the granite mixture is poured and paved, creating the durable and lasting agreed upon. Since any color can be added, you can even match your granite driveway or pathway to your exterior paint.

Once installed, your new decomposed granite driveway will last around 10-14 years. Even with heavy foot and car traffic, your driveway will not erode, crack or fade in color. It is recommended to have a fresh layer of granite laid about every 1-2 years from the time of installation.

If you’re now wondering how to care for your new driveway, you can also leave that to ATX Paving. We are experts in all that is granite driveways, so we’ll make sure that your driveway, pathway or sidewalk is taken care of with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a granite driveway?

If you need to clean or maintain your granite driveway, ATX Paving has the equipment and training to properly clean your driveway with little to no erosion.

Does decomposed granite get hard?

If it has been compacted and paved, yes it will get hard. Otherwise, loose DG will not get hard when exposed to elements.

How long does decomposed granite last?

On its own, granite driveway chippings will not last long with heavy rains, foot and vehicle traffic. When the decomposed granite has been compacted with a stabilizer or resin, it can last up to 14 years.

How thick should a crushed granite driveway be?

4-6 inches deep, this provides a strong surface and prevents erosion.

How deep does decomposed granite need to be?

About 6 inches, for driveways.  

Call ATX Paving, 512-646-6069, for granite driveway questions in the Austin, TX area today. We are the expert pavers to help with your granite driveway needs.