How Much Does it Cost to Put In a Driveway?

Driveway Installation in Process

How Much Does it Cost to Put In a Driveway?

When determining the best material for your driveway, it’s important to consider the most popular choices: concrete and asphalt. As far as composition is concerned, asphalt and concrete both have a gravel base. Both asphalt and concrete are made with stone and sand, and the primary difference is the adhesive materials. According to recent estimates, it costs approximately $7,400 to install a concrete driveway. By comparison, asphalt driveways can cost between $2,300 and $10,300

Which is Cheaper Concrete or Asphalt Driveway?

Generally speaking, asphalt is much cheaper to install than concrete. According to recent estimates, the cost per square foot for asphalt alternates between approximately $2.50 to $4.00. Because there are fluctuations in crude oil prices, asphalt prices will also rise and fall correspondingly. In contrast, concrete can run between four to six dollars per square foot for basic installation. If you happen to have a few finishing details for your concrete driveway installation, you will have to pay according to the extra labor costs. 

What is the Cheapest Type of Driveway?

There is a wide selection of materials that you can select for your driveway, but one of the cheapest is gravel. Gravel is cheaper to install than asphalt, concrete, and paving stones. At the end of the day, your aesthetic vision and your budget will determine the best choice for your driveway. While you are factoring in other improvements to your home, your roof is an important consideration. What is the current condition of your roof? If you need a residential roof replacement, now is the time to secure a reputable and respectable roofer.

How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Driveway?

Driveway installation can be a costly endeavor. According to a national website engineered to collect data about driveway installation costs, the average is less than ten thousand dollars. In fact, the cost range for driveway installation is approximately $5 to $7 dollars per square foot and between $6,275 and $8,500 for the entirety of the work.

Is 2 Inches of Asphalt Enough for a Driveway?

Usually, for a residential driveway, the granular base aggregate is approximately six to eight inches. For commercial applications, the granular base differs, though it is usually eight inches. On top of the granular layer, residential driveways require two to three inches of asphalt, while commercial driveways require three inches of asphalt. 

Driveway Installation How To

When it comes to your gravel driveway installation, it pays to know the process. If you happen to have a commercial driver’s license, you can complete the entire project without any outside assistance. Please review the following list to find out more. 

  • Measure your driveway. This first step is the most crucial. It is important to know your driveway’s approximate length and width. 
  • Calculate your aggregate requirements. If you are building your driveway from scratch, you will require approximately two layers of aggregate. This aggregate will be composed of a finer lower layer and a coarser upper layer. 
  • Discover your aggregate options. The color, quality, and composition are all important considerations. The factor that will most impact your budget is the cost.
  • Delivery or Pickup? Unless you have a commercial driver’s license, you will need to contact a company that can deliver your driveway materials.
  • Grass and vegetation will need to be removed. You will need to mark out space for your driveway and remove all vegetation. A soil rake is recommended.
  • The ground will need to be leveled. On harder or more difficult surfaces, a power leveler may be necessary.
  • Make an appointment. Allow enough time for your gravel dropoff to spend a significant amount of time addressing the various materials. If the only time you can schedule the dropoff is during the weekend, extra costs may be involved.
  • Spread the aggregate accordingly. According to the specifications of your driveway, spread out the material.
  • Install drainage. This is very important. If your driveway is deeply sloped or if it close to your home, installing drainage will allow you to enjoy your driveway longer and experience more effectiveness. A basic French drain system could benefit you.
  • Spread the gravel. While there will need to be periodic maintenance, a good gravel installation will need less help. Make sure you research this process properly before embarking on this endeavor.

Driveway Installation Contractors Near Me

In order to find a reputable driveway installation contractor, make sure to consult friends and neighbors to ask for a recommendation. Perform a background check on the company or contractor by using the internet. It’s never been more important to investigate your contractors to ensure that you are spending your money wisely. 

Radiant Driveway Installation

Radiant driveways are essentially heated driveways. These driveways are especially desirable in northern areas of the country where snow and ice can hamper driving conditions. In order to receive a customized quote for your radiant driveway, please be sure to call several reputable paving companies for a quote.

Your Driveway Installation Is Important

Driveway Drain Installation Near Me

If your driveway is prone to flooding, the responsible thing to do is contact a local, respectable driveway drain company. Many paving companies offer this service. Whether you would like French drains or a different solution, your driveway stands to benefit from appropriate drainage.

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