How Do You Fix Crumbling Asphalt Driveway?

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Asphalt Patch for Driveway

No wants to see or experience potholes when they are driving. That is especially true for your own driveway. There probably is not much worse than finding a damaging hole or crack in your own driveway. If and when that happens, it can feel like there isn’t much you can do. Filling it with more asphalt or concrete won’t do much. Ignoring it will only make the problem worse. So what do you do? You rely on expert contractors, like those with ATX Asphalt Paving. Reliable contractors can use high-quality, professional-grade asphalt patch and crack fillers to repair a damaged driveway. What they use isn’t the stuff you buy at the store. It’s a quality product that is used in conjunction with a reliable process that can expertly repair your driveway. The reason you don’t want to rely on those temporary patches from the store is that they are temporary. They won’t provide a reliable and lasting fix. You’ll more than likely find the hole growing larger or becoming more of a problem. Rather than risk doing more damage to your driveway, rely on ATX Asphalt Paving to help with any driveway or pathway need you may have. Contact us today at 512-646-6069 to make an appointment for an asphalt patch in Austin, TX.

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Steps to Patch an Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt repair and general driveway contracting can quickly become complicated processes. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to get away with an asphalt patch and crack filler temporarily. These fillers are good to prevent further damage from occurring, but they won’t fix the ultimate problem. For that, you may need to rely on an asphalt patch contractor. A reliable contractor will go through these steps to ensure your asphalt driveway or pathway is properly repaired.

  • Bigger Hole: The first step to repair a hole or crack in the asphalt is to actually make it bigger. Contractors will bring their own asphalt patch equipment, like a circular saw that will cut out a larger hole, creating a clean edge. 
  • Clean and Dry: Once the hole is bigger, the contractor will clean out any debris, dirt and other items. If it has been raining, they may need to wait a little while to let the area dry before continuing. 
  • Base It: As soon as everything is dry, the hole needs to be filled with a base of some sort. This is typically accomplished with limestone or gravel. If the damage is near the edge of your driveway, the contractor will also install a plywood board to hold the asphalt in place while it dries. 
  • Fill to Patch: The last step is to fill the entire area with an asphalt compound. To ensure it does completely set, they will tamp it down. Possibly even placing a piece of plywood over the area and driving over it to be completely sure it is set. 

Patching an asphalt driveway or pathway and get complicated very quickly. That’s why it’s so highly recommended to rely on experts when you can. Just like you’d rely on experts when you wanted a metal roof installation. For reliable asphalt patch contractors in your area, look no further than ATX Asphalt Paving. With years of quality experience, they can help you with just about anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is asphalt patching?
    • It is the process of using a temporary asphalt compound to patch or fill a hole in a sidewalk, driveway or other pathway. Patching is usually only a temporary fix and shouldn’t be used as a way to permanently fix high-traffic areas. 
  • Can you put new asphalt over old asphalt?
    • Technically you can, if the area you are covering isn’t too badly damaged. Otherwise, adding asphalt over an already dented area of asphalt will just result in the new layer also becoming dented. 
  • How do you fix a hole in an asphalt driveway?
    • Patching a hole is a bit of a complicated process. You’ll actually need to cut out a larger hole to provide a clean edge. Then you’ll clean everything, fill the hole with limestone or asphalt, tamp it down, then cover it with the patch material, tamp that down, and then let it set. 
  • Can you cold patch asphalt in the rain? 
    • It is highly discouraged to attempt to fix or patch an asphalt driveway during the rain. There are oils in the asphalt compound that do repel water, but if you’re working on this in the rain, there will be unintended side-effects. Many of which can cause unwanted results. 
  • Should I resurface or replace my asphalt driveway?
    • If the underlying base of your driveway isn’t damaged, you can actually put off replacing the whole thing for about 8-15 years. Which means if the surface layer is damaged, you will probably be able to get away with resurfacing.
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