Smart Renovation – Planning Your Driveway Remodeling Project

Driveway Remodeling

Gravel Offers an Easily Accessible Option for New Driveway Installations.

Your family uses it practically every day. It’s one of the first property features your neighbors see as they drive by. Your driveway is a dominating facet of your home’s curb appeal, but few homeowners take the opportunity to spruce it up. There are countless materials you can utilize for your driveway, but which one would be right for your home? Here are some tips to get you started on your driveway remodeling project!

What is the Best Material for Driveways?

There’s gravel, decomposed granite, and classic concrete, and many more materials to pick from, but which one best fits your home? Before finding the answer, we need to take a step back. When it comes to remodeling projects in general, there are a few recurring factors you’ll need to consider, including…

  • Your (Specific) Design Goals
  • The Family Budget
  • Required Materials and Labor Resources
  • Current Landscaping and Equipment

Of course, your budget and design goals should always be the first factors taken into account. You can style your driveway with gorgeous brick pavers, but you’ll need to consider maintenance and replacement costs. Pavers also require professional installation, so you’ll need to hire an expert.

Picking Material on a Budget

If you’re aiming for a low-budget, you-it-yourself job, concrete and gravel are generally your best options. You can easily enhance the edging around your driveway with stone or shrubs. Just make sure your driveway is graded away from the house! For homeowners looking for something beyond traditional concrete, a decomposed granite driveway offers quite a few design options and colors for you to play with. You can have fun creating your own perfect style.

Find Your Estimate on Driveway Installation

If you’re considering installing a gravel or decomposed granite driveway in Austin, TX or a nearby city, we’d love to help you install it! You can consult with our experts and get your driveway remodeling estimate today by calling the ATX Asphalt Paving team at 512-646-6069.