Tar and Chip Seal in Wimberley, TX

Asphalt Driveway Installation

We Provide Quality Paving Work for Driveways and More.

For more than 25 years in business, ATX Asphalt Paving has provided its customers with superb service for any paving projects. Today, we proudly supply any task we perform with the advantages of our knowledge. For any paving repair or refurbishment, or a brand-new gravel or asphalt driveway installation, we’re the expert choice. We see our clients as partners across every project, and do not consider a task complete until we’ve surpassed any expectation.

Our all-around paving and repair are just two of our services, which also include comprehensive services for your home’s drive. For your new driveway, we will offer comprehensive service, including excavation and grading. Our maintenance services will take care of practically any requirement, and include hot rubber crack repair and asphalt patching. Our tar and chip sealing can additionally serve as both a resurfacing choice, or a new installation. For gravel or asphalt driveway installation in Wimberley, TX, or to find time for any paving work whatsoever, give us a call today at 512-646-6069.

Asphalt Driveway Installation

An asphalt driveway can act as the ideal addition to any house or company. Our peerless service knows no limits, and happens throughout every component of the process. Our team will gladly aid with the design of a driveway. As with every element of our work, our excavation and grading work is founded on experience and attention to the smallest detail. Lastly, when you require maintenance, we will always stand as your leading source. As with any of our services, we additionally offer free estimates and a total guarantee.

Asphalt Seal Coating and Maintenance

Asphalt Driveway Installation

If Your Driveway Has Seen Better Days, Trust Our Team for Resurfacing and Other Services.

An asphalt driveway, under optimal conditions, will persist for about 35 years. Naturally, you can only see this much service from a drive with regular maintenance. Deterioration from UV light and bad weather together will combine to break down a driveway. An asphalt seal coat will help to safeguard a drive for the long term. You can call us at 512-646-6069 if you’d like further info in regards to any of our offerings for an asphalt driveway installation in Wimberley, TX.

Driveway Installation

Gravel and Asphalt Driveway Installation

We are the nearby company to choose for gravel and asphalt driveway installation. Personal taste and finances are the chief aspects to keep in mind for a new drive. Either of these choices have their own beneficial traits, though. For a further selection, you ought to also think about decomposed granite, which offers premier affordability and fortitude.

Asphalt Services

Asphalt Resurfacing & Other Services

Whenever a parking lot or asphalt drive needs the benefit of maintenance or repair, we are the area team to trust. You ought to consider about a sealing coat if you want to restore your older driveway, or conserve the integrity of a newer installation. If your asphalt has potholes and cracks, our efforts with resurfacing offer an ideal solution. For targeted solutions to damaged areas, you can also make use of our asphalt patching and crack repair.

Decomposed Granite Driveways

Decomposed Granite Driveways

Decomposed granite provides homeowners a durable, cost-efficient, and attractive option for a driveway material. Decomposed granite has a range of colors, including notable options such as green or red. Granite’s fortitude allows it to withstand the effects of years of traffic to preserve its attractive appearance. Granite drives can provide just the right picturesque complement to any house.

Crack Repair

Hot Rubber Crack Repair & Tar and Chip Seal

For cracked pavement, hot rubber crack repair stands as an ideal solution. Our hot rubber material can totally fill a crack and bond with the perimeter for an exceptional repair. Tar and chip seals stand as a highly durable selection for resurfacing. Tar and chip seals also are great for new installs, as they provide the fortitude of gravel and the durability of tar.