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If you have never heard of decomposed granite before, here is a breif summary. The color of decomposed granite is reddish-brown with small gold flakes. It begins in the form of granite rock and then decomposes into a smaller form or gravel. This form of gravel contains high levels of trace minerals. It can be made in many different sizes and is purely safe for the environment.

Decomposed granite can be used in different ways. It is commonly used for sidewalks,pathways, patios, trails, playing fields, golf courses and any area where stone or aggregates can be used. You can also make decomposed granite driveways. Decomposed granite can add to the look of your home or business.

GRAvel driveways :

Gravel driveway's can be seen all over the U.S.!!!! They're affordable, easy to maintain and you can create unique colors and desighns with different types of gravel.Gravel works great over roadbase as a topping rock to prevent your roadbase from developing potholes & washouts.

Available in Limestone,Granite,& Pea Gravel.




Decomposed Granite Driveway Gravel Driveway